Technology Update

6 05 2010

Today I installed new versions of Lightwright 5 and Vecotrworks 2010 on my MacBook Pro.  Excellent!  This software came through  a grant awarded by the Academic Technology and Computing Committee at Elon.  As well as installing copies on my lap top and office PC, I will install copies on all PC’s in our design and production classroom.  Students will have the ability to use these idustry standard programs for productions and classroom assignments.

Vectorworks 2010 is a drafting and rendering program that will be used by students enrolled in scenic and lighting design classes.   They will use it to create lighting plots during the fall 2010 Lighting Design and Stage Electrics class.  Lightwright 5 is a database program used to sort and organize infromation petatining to lighting design.  This will also be used during Lighting Design and Stage Electrics next fall.

The addition of this technology is a great improvement to our program and will help us prepare students for life after Elon.

Bill Webb




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