Spotlight on Matt Artigues’s Summer Job

23 07 2010

Matt Artigues is a rising junior in the Design and Production program.  The following is a short passage he wrote about his summer job at Santa Fe Opera.

I can barely put into words the incredible experience I have been given to work at Santa Fe Opera. I have learned so much about lighting and the world of theater electronics that my head might explode. Just a bit of explanation behind my daily job. I get into the shop on a daily basis and begin any notes or projects ranging between five different operas of varying complexity. Then we take all the color for the show that is used that night and check for changes or damage, and after this we have less than one hour to change over the entire deck for electrics. After dinner we have only 2 hours to focus over 350 fixtures in the roof and on deck. Our fastest time so far is seventy-five minutes and we want to get faster. All I can say is that being at Santa Fe Opera has become one of my greatest educational and exhausting experiences and I cannot wait to bring back to Elon what I have learned this summer.

Best wishes
Matt Artigues




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