HAIR Dog and Pony: Scenic and Prop Design

12 09 2011

This past Sunday was the dog and pony show for Hair. Natalie Taylor Hart, the scenic and prop designer, and Michael Smith, the sound and projections designer, both presented their design concepts to the cast. Here are a few photos of Natalie’s presentation and model:

Natalie Taylor Hart explains her scenic design to the cast

Natalie Taylor Hart and her model of the Hair set

The cast watches Natalie's presentation

Hair scenic model: by Natalie Taylor Hart

This water tower will house the band onstage

Upstage, scaffolding will add many levels to the tribe’s playing space

The painted floor

Cast members check out the model

Thanks for all of your hard work, Natalie! The model is incredible. Please feel free to post any questions/comments about the scenic/prop design. Photos of construction will come next!




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