Blast from the Past: “Assassins”

3 10 2011

In December of 2009, the Elon University music theatre class of 2010 presented the Stephen Sondheim musical “Assassins”. Check out the photos of this unforgettable production below:

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Director: Sarah Pace

Stage Manager: Stuart Richie

Lighting Designer: Bill Webb

Scenic Designer: Luke Lemanski

Costume Designer: Alexa Terry


Tech Fun Day 2011

23 09 2011

Hey y’all,

Here are some photos from the Tech Day of Fun this past month- all of the Design and Production majors worked all day Saturday on cleaning up the new shop and the costume storage. Thanks for all of your help and hard work!

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More information and photos to come! Keep checking the blog for updates, and tell your friends about it! Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter @ElonDandP

HAIR Dog and Pony: Sound and Projections Design

12 09 2011

Michael Smith, the sound and projections designer for Hair, presented his concepts to the cast at the dog and pony show this past Sunday. Michael created a video and music presentation to show the cast, amalgamating an array of images with Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” These images are the inspiration for the projection work. Thanks for your fantastic presentation, Mike! Here are a few pictures:

HAIR Dog and Pony: Scenic and Prop Design

12 09 2011

This past Sunday was the dog and pony show for Hair. Natalie Taylor Hart, the scenic and prop designer, and Michael Smith, the sound and projections designer, both presented their design concepts to the cast. Here are a few photos of Natalie’s presentation and model:

Natalie Taylor Hart explains her scenic design to the cast

Natalie Taylor Hart and her model of the Hair set

The cast watches Natalie's presentation

Hair scenic model: by Natalie Taylor Hart

This water tower will house the band onstage

Upstage, scaffolding will add many levels to the tribe’s playing space

The painted floor

Cast members check out the model

Thanks for all of your hard work, Natalie! The model is incredible. Please feel free to post any questions/comments about the scenic/prop design. Photos of construction will come next!

“Phantom” will never die

8 09 2011

In February 2008 Elon University launch one of the first amateur productions of “Phantom of the Opera”.  We were approached by Rogers and Hammerstein Musicals to participate in a feasibility study on how amateur groups can produce the iconic musical.  The rights became available to amateur groups in June 2010.  Since then Elon Design and Production Faculty have received many requests for information on how we did it.  To help other groups understand the scale of our production I offer a PDF version of a Power Point Presentation that I gave at The Southeastern Theater Conference in March 2008.  Enjoy.  Bill Webb.The Tech of Phantom

Prop for “All New People”

2 09 2011

“All New People,” a play by Zach Braff and directed by Peter DuBois, premiered at the Second Stage Theatre in New York this summer. Professor Natalie Taylor Hart, Elon University’s scenic design professor, was a freelance prop artisan for the production. Check out the prop she designed and constructed in the video below:

The prop master for “All New People,” Susan Barras, demonstrates how this African art piece destructs. This prop is automated to destruct just like it does in the video every time! Thanks for sharing your work, Natalie!

Welcome Class of 2015!

2 09 2011

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to Elon for another fun, challenging and rewarding year with Theatrical Design and Production. For the 2011-2012 school year, the Design and Production blog will undergo an intense makeover- keep an eye out for all of the new changes! Please feel free to send me production photos, resumes and more. I would like to extend a special welcome to our first-year students, the Class of 2015! We’re thrilled to have you, and can’t wait to see all of the incredible work you accomplish.

Remember D&P majors: Tech Fun Day is this Saturday, September 3rd at 9 am. See you on the McCrary stage then!