Costume Design Class: No-Sew Costume Projects (The Zombies)

2 03 2012

Although Elon D&P students gain knowledge and experience by working on productions throughout the year, they also are required to take several design classes throughout their time at Elon. All students in the major are required to take Lighting Design and Stage Electrics, Costume Design and Scenic Design. We also offer courses in Stage Management, Lighting for Dance, Costume for Dance, Costume Construction, and more. A number of students in the major are taking Costume Design this semester, with Professor Jack Smith. This blog post is all about the “No-Sew Costume” assignment the students just completed.

Each student was given a plastic bag containing several materials, from garbage bags, to bubble wrap, to pipe cleaners. Using at least 75% of the provided materials, only one item from their own wardrobes, any “found” item they chose, and up to $10 worth of other materials, they were supposed to construct a costume for their assigned character.

The scenario: the zombie apocalypse has begun, and the world is divided into zombies and zombie fighters. Every zombie/fighter has their own career, i.e. zombie beauty queen, or fighter banker. Here is what the students came up with!

The post covers all of the zombies:


On the left is the Zombie Fighter Secretary, and on the right is the Zombie Beauty Queen:

The beauty queen’s dress was purchased from Good Will, the wig is from costume stock, and the pink loofah was used as an accent piece in the front. The sash says “Runner Up”- how tragic!

The King of the Zombies- a stripper (complete with a pole from the scene shop!):

Pat’s pants are made of black garbage bags and duct tape. His bow tie was made of red bubble wrap and black duct tape, and the shirt collar and cuffs were made from a white t-shirt and sticky dots. The dollar bill stuck to his foot is a great addition!

Zombie Elementary School Teacher:


Danielle’s sensible elementary school teacher’s dress and cardigan is made of white and black garbage bags. It is held up by a butterfly-patterned duct tape belt. She used the sticky dots to make a colorful necklace. Her flats are made of the duct tape and red bubble wrap.

Zombie Flapper:


Veronica was assigned to be a gangster, so she did the female version of that, and made a flapper costume. Her dress is made of a black garbage bag, and the fringe is made of the white t-shirt and duct tape. Her necklaces and headband are made of red bubble wrap, and the square on her forehead is a piece of duct tape. The purple fishnets were the item from her own wardrobe.

Zombie Painter/Art Student:


Alicia was assigned to be a painter, and after research, decided to narrow her focus to an art student. She made a corset out of black garbage bag and string, and covered it with a paint shirt- she covered the white t-shirt with acrylic paint and sticky dots. She used the bubble wrap and the scrubbies to add texture to the shirt with paint. The belt is the pink loofah, and the bracelets are made of pipe cleaners. The leggings are from her own wardrobe, and she covered them in zebra print duct tape.

Zombie Mall Cop:


Robyn was assigned to be a police officer, and decided to be a mall cop. She made the pants out of blue duct tape, cut the white t-shirt and stuck it back together with the sticky dots to make a button down. She painted the scrubby black and used it as a walkie talkie. She used duct tape, garbage bags and red bubble wrap to make her holster and her one shoe.

Great job, zombies! Everyone agreed this was an awesome, creative project.